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The VIP Experience with Coach Barry Switzer

Do you love OU Sooners football? Are you a Dallas Cowboys fan? Would you enjoy attending an OU game in the suites of America’s most recognized college football arena? What about the possibility of attending a game in the suites at the AT&T Stadium? 

There’s more! 

What if every one of those experiences included hanging out with sports legend Coach Barry Switzer?

That’s exactly what you get with Coaches Cabana. An experience of a lifetime that includes exclusive OU and Dallas Cowboy watch parties with Coach Switzer, legendary players, and VIP guests. 

Imagine yourself attending a private watch party cheering in unison with Coach Barry Switzer and VIP guests as your favorite team makes another touchdown. 

This is a VIP experience of a lifetime. But we’ve been granted special access to let you in on the luxurious setting, fine dining, and distinguished guests who attend these affluent football events.

Welcome to Coaches Cabana



Are you interested in an invitation to an upcoming event? Although access is limited you can join the eligibility list by clicking the link below.

Waitlist taking too long? Fill out the contact form to get sponsorship package pricing to host a private event.


Has watching those OU games from the sofa and munching on that same ‘ol bowl of popcorn become stale? Would you love to spend a few hours watching the game with some of OU’s biggest fans? Elevate your football experience by attending the ultimate watch party; a live viewing of OU & Dallas Cowboy games hosted in a private venue. 

You’ll be cheering alongside Coach Switzer, legendary players, and other VIP guests in some of our favorite venues ranging from coach’s personal Cabana, stadiums across the country, and prestigious casinos in Oklahoma.


Your favorite player just made a BIG play! What could be better than high-fiving one of the OU greats? You never know who will make their celebrity appearance at one of these private events, but here are a few that enjoy hanging out with Coaches Cabana.


When it comes to a party, there’s food and then there’s food. Take a break from your grill and experience some of the most amazing cuisines that the top chefs offer. From tasty selections such as fresh seafood, succulent steaks, and gourmet burgers to top-shelf cocktails and beer, you are sure to have landed a touchdown with this savory buffet.


There’s not much more that can make your friends envious than boasting about your VIP experience with Coach Switzer. But what about having a selfie as proof? Coach is great at posing for pics. Plus, you never know who else he might bring with him!  


Are you planning on attending or hosting a first-class OU football experience? Imagine cheering alongside some of OU’s greatest football players. Are you ready for the ultimate experience? To get on the waitlist, click the link below:

Interested in hosting an event or scheduling appearances for your private venue with coach Barry Switzer?


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